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Why You Should Choose Node.js For Web Applications
2016-10-17 by  Saran Ch


The main power with node.js is that it has an asynchronous way of execution (is very good when you need to do several things at the same time).

Node.js is especially suited for applications where you'd like to maintain a persistent connection from the browser back to the server. Applications that involves a lot of I/O operations or database calls.

It runs java script, so you can use the same language on server and client, and even share some code between them (e.g. for form validation, or to render views at either end).

Easier scaling is quickly done (suitable for prototyping, agile development and rapid product iteration). So faster delivery of the project ensured.

Good for real time applications like chat application, internet relay chat apps, news feed like web application. Network applications. Social networks which put emphasis on real time resources like geolocation, video stream, audio stream, ad servers etc., online games, collaboration tools, in stock market stockbroker’s dashboard.

Node.js uses V8 engine by Google. Node.js written in JavaScript and has an exceptional running speed. Node.js makes the code to execute much faster. Thus, Node.js can increase any framework’s speed.

Event driven (so all the wonderful Ajax-like stuff can be done on the server side) and low latency.

Node.js encourages sharing with the presence of the Node Package Manager or NPM (package manager for java script). It includes the repository of 250000 packages, the largest code registry in the world, which helps developers to create effective solutions. With the inbuilt NPM, developers can update, share or reuse codes with utmost ease.                    

With node.js you can do cloud based development.Node.js is open source. Some of the famous companies using node.js in their product are LinkedIn, EBay, Wal-Mart, and PayPal.

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